Interesting Things to Do in Yogyakarta at Night and Day

Going on vacation is a great way to recharge both your body and mind after tons of workloads at your workplace. Yogyakarta, Indonesia, can be considered as one of the most popular tourist destination in the world. In this city, you can enjoy various activity, from cultural to nature attraction. The following paragraph will explain some things to do in Yogyakarta at night and day.

The list below will describe some of the interesting things in Yogyakarta, both at day and night.

  • Watching wayang kulit show at Sasana On: in Yogyakarta, you can enjoy shadow puppet or wayang kulit show at night. This puppet show has been shown through many generation and is an integral part of Javanese culture. The stories of this puppet show are usually taken from old books, including Mahabharata, Purwakanda, and Ramayana. However, these days, there are many times when the stories adopt recent political and cultural issues that happen within the country. The show is held in Sasono Hinggil, and it will be held every 2nd and 4th weeks at 21.00. The show usually lasts all night long.
  • Clubbing at Republica Positiva: for those who love clubbing, Yogyakarta also offers great places to unleash your dancing passion. Republica Positiva has wonderful DJs that will rotate every night, so you will experience different mix of music each day. In this club, there is a ladies night schedule od Friday where only girls allowed to visit the club. There is also student nights for students studying in Yogyakarta on Wednesday.
  • Rafting at Goa Pindul: this activity is very popular among tourist who are bored with ordinary waterparks. Rafting in Goa Pindul offers stunning views of stalagmite and stalactites inside the cave that was carved for more than hundreds years ago. In this cave, there is a stalactites that is considered as the fourth biggest stalactite in the world. The water and the limestone have contrast colors with blue and brown respectively. Some places also decorated with the color of green ferns and moss. The highlight of this rafting is a tree trunk with six meter height that can be used as a jumping board to the lagoon.
  • Going to Laut Bekah: this seaside is different from most seaside in Yogyakarta that offers sandy beaches where you are able to wander around. This place offers limestone cliffs, stretching far to Indian Ocean with 70 meters height. This place has not yet widely recognized by tourists, so this is certainly the best place for those who seek for calming and solitary ambience to relax your body and mind. However, it will take more efforts to reach the place. You can also do rock fishing in this seaside. With its immediate access to deep waters, larger fishes are available. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to spot whales.

Other than the activities mentioned above, there are still a lot of things you can do during your trip to Yogyakarta. Before visiting, make sure to prepare everything well, especially camera, to capture memorable pictures of your vacation.


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