3 Factors why Android Apps are Essential for Businesses Worldwide to Leave a Mark

There couldn’t be better time for businesses. With the global economy right on top and increasing per capita income worldwide, it is jubilant time for company owners and the whole management as everyone cashes on. But in this cutthroat marketplace, only that company succeeds which know how to survive in a cutting edge and constantly evolving scenario. There are no free lunches as every company needs to be on its toes to have their share of the market.

There are multiple channels through which companies try to take advantage of communicating with their current and potential customers. While websites and social media platforms have their own advantages, there is tremendous potential for mobile apps as nowadays they are go-to channel for companies worldwide. And if the following recent stats are anything to go by, that customers online are now using mobile devices to login and shop on ecommerce portals, mobile apps will play a huge role in shaping the role of companies and how they can attract customers in hordes.

Businesses Seek Growth and Visibility

Most of the top brands these days get orders from their customers which use mobile apps. People like to shop and surf through the Internet on the go and handheld devices like smartphones and tablets fit the bill perfectly. Companies in US and specifically in Ney York, the commercial capital of America, need to have a close eye on this trend and have to devise new strategies in this regard to come out triumphant.

The above mentioned description was a general one. Let me offer you 3 factors regarding Android apps now which are critical for any company’s eventual success in their respective field.

  1. Ideal for Customer Interaction

One of the first things the companies need to look at is to take advantage of this fact that most of their customers are using a mobile device and an Android app made specifically for their product will do a world of good for them. But why Android, most of you would ask? As of December 2017, more than 85% of smartphones worldwide use Android so it’s a whopping majority of people worldwide using it and the stats are also overwhelmingly in favor of Android in USA too.

So it’s pretty much obvious that companies in the USA, especially based in the Big Apple, look for a mobile app development company New York for all their requirements in this regard. It is an ideal opportunity for companies to reach the majority of customers. Backed by Google, Android is here to stay as each new and majority of old versions get timely updates so that the end-users can use it without any fuss. That’s why developers too tend to develop Android apps as compared to an app for iOS or any other OS.

  1. No Investment whatsoever in the Development Tools

Companies need no investment at all in the development tools. The creation of an Android app is a good bet for developers as there are many advantages for them in this regard. So eventually it is a blessing in disguise for the companies trying to get an app as Android offers them clear advantages that other OS simply can’t. And the same advantages are offered to them in the varied tools and technologies section too which are open source and free for use to anyone.

A Developer won’t charge you any fee for using the tools unless you have some specific requirements so that he will go all out to offer you exceptional and customized services for an app designed and developed specially for your product. That’s why you can trust the Android in this regard without thinking twice.

  1. Smart Working

This aspect is not what you are thinking as most people get confused by the heading of this feature and not to ridicule iOS or any other operating system. It is simply about Android app development as it offers flexibility and power of the platform that can work anywhere and anytime in terms of class productivity apps. If you are looking for the customization option, Android is the best as it can furnish specific needs of businesses while keeping in mind the latest trends in the market.

That’s why it is highly recommended that you use an Android app for your business rather than an iOS. The obvious advantage is the number of users worldwide connected through it and the most essential 3 factors acting as the icing on the cake.